10 Reasons Why Cats Make Such Good Pets

If you’re thinking about getting yourself a pet, but aren’t sure what kind of animal to choose, then perhaps you should consider cat ownership instead of dog ownership. There are many reasons why cats make such good pets, and here are 10 of them

1) They are lovable
Pet cats are extremely loving animals that truly enjoy spending time with their owners. Some cat breeds, such as ragdolls, are known for being especially affectionate. They love to play: Pet cats make excellent companions for kids because they like to play. Playing with your pet cat is an excellent way to spend quality time together and also improve your overall health. They keep you company: Humans have a long history of keeping cats as pets because they make good company for their owners.

2) They provide company
Anyone who’s gone on a long trip without their pet can attest to how much better it is to come home to a living, breathing creature. Although cats are typically solitary creatures, they have been domesticated for centuries—in fact, you could argue that we have actually domesticated them. So when you’re away from your cat for long periods of time, don’t worry—your cat will be waiting for you.

3) They are clean
Cats are quite fastidious, meaning they like to keep themselves clean and often do so by grooming themselves regularly. They will always clean up after themselves and avoid leaving waste around your home. It means you don’t have to be bothered with cleaning up after them when you’re away from home for a few hours during your busy day. They are quiet:Cats can be very social creatures, but if they aren’t feeling sociable you can expect complete silence from them!

4) They are independent
A lot of people think cats are a lot like dogs when it comes to personality, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Cats are independent and a lot less needy than most other pets, meaning they don’t need much attention or care outside of feeding. So if you want something more low-maintenance than a dog, then you might want to consider a cat instead. Plus, cats are ideal for single-person households as well since they’re not as needy as other animals.

5) They don’t need much space
If you’re living in a studio apartment, chances are that space is at a premium. On top of that, many apartments don’t allow dogs—which means that pet cats are your only option.

6) They love to cuddle with you
Cats are especially affectionate toward their owners, and they’re rarely territorial. You’ll always have a cat that wants to cuddle up with you. If you’re looking for a pet that will love you unconditionally, go with a cat!

7) You can take them on vacation
If you don’t want to leave Fluffy behind, you can take her on vacation. The U.S. Department of Agriculture does not require cats or dogs to be quarantined when entering a pet-friendly hotel room, but check with your travel provider for their specific policies before booking. You can even bring Fido with you if he passes a test at an approved facility.

8) They don’t cost too much to keep
Pets can be very expensive, but cats are one of the more inexpensive animals to own. If you’re looking for a pet but don’t want to break your budget, consider a cat as opposed to something like a dog or parrot. You will likely spend less money on food and veterinary care. The only real expense you might run into is if you choose to have your cat declawed.

9) Their chirps are cute
Chirping is one of their ways of communicating, and humans find it cute. When a cat meows, it actually has a more complex meaning. A high-pitched meow in a number of cases is their way of asking for something, such as food or water. But when they chirp at you, you’re likely hearing them trying to tell you that they love you back!

10) They give you unconditional love
Unlike most other pets, cats aren’t prone to judgment. They love you no matter what. They will cuddle up next to you and purr their little kitty hearts out whenever you need a pick-me-up, even if it’s midnight. A cat will always be there for you when you feel lonely or anxious—or just need a warm body to hug!

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