Custom Paint By Numbers Canvas from Your Own Photos

How awesome would it be to present your parents, family members, or friends with a nice canvas of them that you painted?

All you do is upload a nice quality photo. You could even upload a photo of your pet, or special scenery. The experts take it from there and convert the photo into a high quality, paint by the numbers canvas ready for you to paint.

Your kit includes the necessary paints and brushes, so once you receive your canvas you’ll be ready to go. and there are numerous sizes and qualities to choose from.

So if you’re looking for a unique gift that you know they will love this is the perfect idea. And not only will they love it, you will also enjoy the relaxing therapy that paint by numbers offers.

To learn more about these custom paint by numbers kits just follow this link. and please note that it is important that you read all of the instructions prior to ordering so you get the best possible product.

Top 10 Psychological Benefits of Paint by Number

Before Paint by Number was ever used as an expression to mean easy, it was just the name of a fun hobby that makes you feel like an artist without any of the talent required. If you’ve never tried it before, now’s the time to discover what all the hype is about — and trust us, there are plenty of benefits to adding this relaxing activity to your schedule! Check out our list of the top 10 benefits of paint by number below!

1) Paint by numbers are fun
Paint by numbers are one of those activities that makes it easy to say, But I’m not an artist! But regardless of whether you have talent or not, painting is fun and therapeutic. In addition to being a simple activity, paint-by-number kits offer a perfect way to lose yourself in creativity while completing something useful at the same time. The act of putting colors together in aesthetically pleasing ways can be very rewarding for anyone.

2) Paint by numbers boost creativity
Studies have shown that art activities—including paint-by-numbers—can help to improve your mood and increase your creativity. They’re also great if you’re struggling with low energy or a negative outlook because they help you to engage in something that provides fun without being taxing. If stress is impacting your quality of life, consider picking up some paints and trying one of these easy, pleasant painting projects.

3) Paint by numbers help you relax
The act of painting, like meditation or yoga, helps your mind and body wind down after a long day. When you’re focused on creating something beautiful, it can take your mind off all other worries in life. It’s also a great way to spend quality time with friends and family while sharing an activity that everyone enjoys. Everyone loves seeing their own masterpiece come to life, too!

4) Paint by numbers promote mindfulness
As they work on a project, people who paint with numbers tend to be very present in what they’re doing. They focus on that piece and nothing else, being mindful about which colors go where and how it all works together to create something beautiful. By providing a sense of accomplishment as your progress through a painting, you can combat feelings of anxiety and depression that often result from working toward an end goal with little indication that success is possible.

5) Paint by numbers allow you to take control
Whether you’re feeling frustrated with too many choices or overwhelmed with life in general, paint-by-number kits can provide a calmingescape. Just follow step-by-step directions to paint your own masterpiece. By channeling your thoughts into something concrete and beautiful, you can rest assured that no matter what life throws at you, you’ll be ready for it.

6) Paint by numbers build confidence
Breaking down a difficult task into easy, small steps can help you feel empowered. Once you’ve completed one step successfully, you’ll be eager to move on to the next. The result? A much bigger sense of accomplishment. No matter what your age, paint-by-number kits offer a simple way to build confidence with each stroke and number that you complete.

7) Paint by numbers keep your hands busy while your mind wanders
It’s no surprise that taking a walk can relieve stress and improve your mental health. Now, researchers have found that engaging in an activity with just one hand could have a similar effect. Their study, published in Frontiers in Psychology , found that when people were given paintbrushes and told to paint over a line design with their non-dominant hand while looking at an image, they experienced lower levels of stress.

8) Paint by numbers motivate you to practice better habits
There’s no denying that creating a paint-by-numbers picture is incredibly gratifying. You’re watching your artistic skills grow as you get better at blending colors and drawing fine lines. And, not only does it motivate you to do better at other things, like exercising or learning a new language, but it also trains your brain to practice good habits.

9) Painting improves focus and mental clarity
Having a specific task in front of you will help your mind stay clear and focused. You won’t be able to do anything else because you are fully immersed in that task, allowing your mind to work more efficiently. You will also find that you can do many other things at once with your brain, such as doing several mental tasks or physical activities at once.

10) Painting is a stress reliever
One great benefit to paint by number is that it allows you to think about something other than what’s causing your stress, and it gives you a physical outlet for all your pent-up emotions. If you or someone in your life is feeling down or stressed out, paint by number can take some of that emotional edge off.

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