The Rubik’s Cube Isn’t Dead!

Fun fact.. When architect and inventor, Erno Rubic invented what became known as the Rubik’s Cube he had no idea it would become one of the world’s most popular puzzles that sold over 450,000,000 units and still selling.

Rubic was just trying to put (beginning with 8) small blocks together in a manner where they would stay together, yet be able to move all around without falling apart. The first successful model was made of wood and there was no way to keep track of the movements, so he decided to paint the 6 sides different colors to keep track of what went where…

Once he did that and started moving the blocks around without recording the movements he realized that they may never be returned to their original positions again as the more he tried to return all sides to match their respective colors the worse it became.

Determined to return it its original positioning Rubik spent days trying to succeed.. Finally after a month he succeeded which brought about a well desereved celebration.

After word got out and the cube was passed around for others to try, Rubik patented the cube and a toy manufacturer bought the idea with not much success with sales.. The cude didn’t start selling well until businessman/mathematician Tibor Laczi bought the sales rights and took the cube to a toy fair. This is where Tom Kremer, an expert with toys, had a look at it and ended up buying what is said to have been a million cubes from the manufacturer.

The cube soon after became an international hot seller. Clubs were formed, competitions were held and the rest is history.

Since the original Rubik’s Cube gained its fame, there have been a number of variations of the cube with even more difficult solutions.

These variations as well as the original, but improved, version are available on Amazon. Here are a few to check out.

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